Unauthorized Camping Ordinance

Sponsor: Councilman Albus Brooks

Co-Sponsor: Councilmen Charlie Brown & Chris Nevitt

This legislation is an effort to help people off the streets and into much needed services. While the ordinance prohibits camping on public and private property without specific permission, it also insists on safeguards to protect people from unfair or unjust treatment. Furthermore, it provides the city with additional tools to help those that are most vulnerable among us and is paired with comprehensive services for short and long-term support.

Legislative Work

Central Corridor Extension

The light rail that stops at the 30th & Downing Street station will be extended to the 38th & Blake Street station. Both the City of Denver & RTD have applied for a Tiger Grant from the federal government to fund this $60 Million project (pending federal approval).

Economic Development

Development of the East Rail Line

This is a 22.8 mile commuter rail transit corridor that will operate between Denver Union Station and Denver International Airport (DIA). District 8 will be serviced by a station at 38th and Blake Street  (just outside the district) allowing our residents to travel all over the metro area including DIA.

Economic Development

Denver Preschool Program

Sponsor: Councilman Albus Brooks

Co-Sponsor: Councilwoman Peggy Lehmann

BR14-0548: Councilman Brooks put forth a bill for an ordinance asking voters to extend the existing 12% sales and use tax dedicated for the Denver Preschool Program through December 31, 2026 and increased it to 15% on November 4, 2014 (Pending City Council Approval).

Councilman Brooks is also serving as 2014 Campaign Co-Chair of Preschool Matters.

Legislative Work

Central Denver Recreation Center (Colfax & Josephine)

Councilman Brooks worked with Mayor Hancock and Councilwoman Robb to secure $23 million from TABOR reserves for the construction of the Recreation Center, benefiting the community around  East High School and the surrounding neighborhoods. Ground-breaking planned for 2015.

Economic Development

Revitalizing District 8 Parks

Benedict Fountain Park – $940,000

Sonny Lawson Park – $460,000

City Park Pavilion Parking Renovation, including a memorial site for Celena Hollis – $350,000

Triangle Park – Phased into a community garden – $200,000

City of Nairobi Park – $183,000

J. Langston Boyd Park – Renamed from Northeast Denver Community Park to a prominent African American figure in the community

Community Engagement

Neglected and Derelict

Sponsor: Councilman Albus Brooks

This ordinance holds property owners accountable,  who have been grossly negligent in maintaining their property resulting in adding community blight

Legislative Work

Diversion Citation Initiative

Sponsor: Councilman Albus Brooks

The Department of Safety’s Denver Safe City Office, in collaboration with the office of Councilman Brooks, Denver County Court-Courtroom 4F, the Denver Police Department and the Denver City Attorney’s office rolled out a new Expedited Diversion Program on July 1, 2012 for juveniles cited for municipal ordinance violations in Denver. The program will allow eligible youth and their families to resolve matters without participating in a traditional court process.

Legislative Work

Grocery Stores Working to Eliminate the Food Deserts in NE Denver

Sprouts Farmers Market (Colfax & Garfield)—Councilman Brooks’ office worked to ensure that proper zoning was in place, so this location could thrive. The store has 50% African American & Latino employment and is the largest revenue producing Sprouts in the Nation.

 Walgreens Produce Market (35th & Colorado Blvd.)— Councilman Brooks’ office worked with developers to make this project a reality. It now has 75% African American & Latino employment.


Economic Development

Development of Non-Profit (Engage8)

Councilman Brooks helped to successfully develop a non-profit organization focused on empowering the community. Engage8 is the community organizing arm of the District 8 City Council office and is working to enrich and empower the residents of District 8 by supporting their ideas, building upon their strengths, sustaining existing community organizations, encouraging civic activity and developing innovative initiatives.

Community Engagement

Role of Ambassador 2013

 September 2013 Trip to Kunming, China

 April 2013 Trip to Nairobi, Kenya
Denver Delegation Visit Nairobi Sister Cities. This “Vision Trip” was in partnership with  Councilman Brooks’ office, Engage 8, Denver Sister Cities, Level 3, and Stonebridge Companies (July 2012). The overall goal of the trip was to create cross-cultural opportunities to develop professional networks, cultivate healthy political relationships, and exchange ideas and best practices.

Using a multi-sector approach, the team embarked on a journey that included four Manual High School students, community leaders from Northeast Denver, and business leaders from Denver. The goal was to create an inclusive process that engaged and empowered different sectors to work together and overcome challenges and seize opportunities.

This trip was a perfect example of bringing a diverse mix of individuals together and combining their talents to produce something special.

Role of Ambassador

Naming of 2855 Tremont Place

Councilman Brooks led the effort to rename this city-owned property to the Elbra M. Wedgeworth Municipal Building as a way to honor the former District 8 Councilwoman and iconic city leader.

Economic Development

Youth Development – Gang Job and Resource Fair

Objective: Created opportunity for disengaged youth to be trained in Work for Success (job readiness and retention curriculum) and attend a job and resource fair. Partnered with the Office of Economic Development to provide intensive training to over 70 young men & women of color who live in District 8 and have been involved in the justice system. Upon completing the training, the young adults attended a job fair where 550 job opportunities were made available from the over 40 participating employers.

Homeless Support & Youth Development

Imagin8 Neighborhood Tour

Councilman Brooks embarked on a strategic visioning tour, bringing every neighborhood together to share ideas about challenges and opportunities in District 8. The tour engaged over 800 residents and 10 neighborhoods and was funded through a partnership with the Denver Foundation’s Strengthening Neighborhoods Program.

Community Engagement

Fresh Produce & Cottage Food Sales

Sponsor: Councilwoman Robin Kniech

Co-Sponsor: Councilwoman Susan Shepherd & Councilman Albus Brooks

This amendment allows for expanded access to healthy, affordable food in Denver. City residents can now sell fresh produce and cottage foods that they grow make themselves. This amendment brings the City and County of Denver into compliance with the Colorado Cottage Food Act.

Legislative Work

Development of 5 Points

An estimated $150 million of housing and retail development is expected for the Five Points Historic Cultural District for 2014-2015.

Changed the name from the “Welton Street Cultural Historic District” to the “Five Points Historic Cultural District” (Official in the Fall 2014).

Partnered with the Office of Economic Development for the Welton Street Design Challenge, which awarded over $500,000 in grants to property owners who redeveloped their property.

Voted Board Chair of the Five Points Business District.

Established Welton in Five Points as an Urban Renewal Area, creating financing benefits such as (TIF) Tax Increment Financing for Property owners on Welton that most areas of Denver already enjoy.

Economic Development

Sponsored & Co-Sponsored Numerous Events in District 8

Annual King M. Trimble., Esq. Tea and Roses Senior Social (350 people attend yearly)

Annual Hiawatha Davis Jr. Sr. Luncheon (650 people attend yearly)

District 8 Old Fashioned Ice Cream Social w/ City Park Alliance – In memory of the late Councilwoman Carla Madison (1500 people attend annually)

Spring Garden Fest

Safe Summer Safe Holly Park Hill Festival

Boxing – Aurelio Martinez/Lightning Lonnie (Covered the cost for 100+ kids to attend)

Community Engagement

Grassroots Community Fund

The Grassroots Community Fund is a social impact investment fund that invests in community efforts in northeast Denver and raised over $40,000  for local community projects.

Community Engagement

Homeless Support

Councilman Brooks served as a key member of the homeless commission, and worked with DURA and Mayor Hancock to ensure (for the first time in the city’s history) that $5 million would be allocated to homeless projects in Downtown Denver ($2 million – day shelter, $2 million – 24 hour shelter). In 2012,  Councilman Brooks asked Mayor Hancock to allocate $1 million out of the Denver Human Services budget for a 24 hour shelter. He also worked with Denver’s Road Home to add 350 beds to existing system.

Homeless Support & Youth Development

Marijuana Possession

Sponsor: Councilman Albus Brooks

: Councilman Brooks forth a bill to decriminalize possession of marijuana by anyone under 21 years old.


Legislative Work

Role of Ambassador 2014

Working with Denver Sister Cities International, served as a Colorado ambassador on several trips.

March 2014 Trip to WA, DC
Denver and Kunming, China won Sister Cities International’s 2014 U.S.-China Sister Cities Award in the “Most Innovative” category for their trilateral partnership (Nairobi-Denver-Kunming).

The U.S. – China Sister Cities Awards recognize the accomplishments of outstanding U.S. – China sister city programs and their contribution in building strong people-to-people ties between the two countries.

February 2014
Councilman Brooks and Mayor Michael Hancock helped facilitate the return of 30 sacred Vigango statues to Kenya.

 January 2014 Trip to Nairobi, Kenya


Role of Ambassador