About District 9

The new Disctrict 9 will be composed of the following Neighborhoods: City Park West, North & South- Whittier- Clayton- Cole- Five Points- Curtis Park- River North- San Rafael- Central Business District- Union Station- Lower Downtown- Central platte valley- Auraria- Globeville- Elyria-Swansea. These neighborhoods are diverse culturally, economically and generationally. It is my hope and vision that we would develop inclusive characteristics in our community so all would know they are valued and welcomed, that is what makes us great. I am humbled to serve this dynamic district, and will do so in openness and transparency.

REDISTRICTING Denver Council Redistricts Following 2010 U.S. Census At least once every 10 years, Denver City Council must redraw its dis-trict boundaries, based on the latest U.S. Census data. The Denver Charter says the City is to be divided into eleven Council districts; Denver’s population must be as evenly divided among the eleven dis-tricts as possible to honor the principle of “one person-one vote;” and the Charter further directs that districts must:

  • Be as compact as possible;
  • Contain contiguous land area;
  • Contain whole election precincts; and
  • Have boundaries established by ordinance.

In order to comply with the Charter, Denver City Council had to adopt an ordinance establishing new council district boundaries by April 2012. The new map will be effective for purposes of the 2015 munici-pal election.


The new ordinance will not change the current boundaries immedi-ately. Until mid-July of 2015, following the municipal election in May, your council district and your representative will remain the same, even if under the new ordinance your home may be in a different dis-trict. Only for potential Council candidates for the 2015 election will the new boundaries be important. That’s because candidates for council district offices must reside within the district in which they want to run for at least one year prior to the election.

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